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Here at Canarella we do everything we can to locally if not West Coast source our Fruit and Berries. The seasoning we get comes to us in its natural form or as close as possible. I do admit I love spending time at Oaktown Spice in Oakland the variety plus the customer service is superb.   We love to grind our own spices the time it takes is worth it when you are able to smell the quality of the spices in their true form.

Grinding them is truly half the work.  So many of our jams are laced with some pretty special spices.

Keep in mind that is not because they are different or exotic it is as simple as pure cinnamon ground fresh and added to our jam makes it the taste of the spice something you just savory on your palate.

Today we are getting ready to prepare some Apple Pear Butter with the help pf some freshly ground Allspice.

Here is a quick and simple lesson on grinding your own spices. We will add to the list as we grind in the future.

My Mortar and Pestle
You need a few tools. A mortar and pestle is a great tool to have in your kitchen even for other uses.

This is my most valued tool for spices. Yes, you use so many other tools let us name a few so we can get over that issue right away. A coffee grinder (to be used only with spices unless you like spice infused coffee)

For Allspice the easiest way is to use a coffee grinder. I do start them off in my mortar and pestle. Then to the grinder to fine tune the spice. I have included pictures to help you get a sense of how to do this. You will learn as you go with regards to spices.

Next I have to sift the ground spice. I do this with my old sifter from my grama. It is so wonderful to use tools from family members especially the ones from days gone bye-bye

As you grind the aroma of the fresh spices are heavenly.

I will then funnel the ground spice into a small jar. I save all the glass jars I get from sauces to spices. I always seem to find a way to re-use them all.

Please take the time to try a little grind ! The taste and smell of freshly ground spice is amazing.

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