Bring on Spring 2019 with New Flavors

May what a nice time of year. Spring is still here and the bountiful fruit is beginning to pop up all over Ventura County. Do take the time to come visit us at the Simi Valley Farmers' Market every Friday from 11 am until 3:30 pm. We have some wonderful new flavors to share with you .

We are always looking for a good combination of flavors. Canarella never wants to bring more to the jar then needed. With that said two flavors is enough for the palate to discover one bite at a time. So many jam's today are filled with so many ingredients you get lost and do not get the true meaning of a great jam. Here at the Canarella Kitchen we want you to savor the flavor you are searching for. Be it memories of a once shared flavor with a loved one or simply that flavor you can not get enough of. Our job is to give that to you in the simplest form possible. With that said .......

We are proud to present to you our newest additions 
to the 
Canarella Family of Gourmet Jams!  
  (it is very exciting to us!)

Blackberry met Nectarine and it was flavor at first bite!

The tang of blackberry and the sweet of nectarine is such a great combination for our low sugar concoctions. This is surely going to be one of your go to flavors for more than just plain ole' toast!

Next we gave a lot of thought to the next jam.Yes yes yes we do agree that Cranberries are so Winter but those little berries can go with you year around. For our tangy jam lovers we have brought
together a wonderful  .....

Cranberry Jam this jam is beyond wonderful. We have taken half of the batch and made it into a creamy butter added a touch of apple cider, beautiful dark brown sugar and a snip of organic cinnamon. This was then combined with whole cranberries and within our copper kettles they danced the night away until their little cranberry hearts we happy. This Cranberry Jam out did itself.

And as if we could do any better then those two we still did a little experimenting with Southern California's  Star fruit The Strawberry we are blessed to have an abundant amount of strawberries all year around although the summer gives us the juiciest ones the rest of the year they do not let us down.

We have taken two of our favorite flavors and made two new Strawberry starz.

Welcome to our family

Strawberry Raspberry
  Strawberry Peach 

I know this is a lot to take in but just wait next week I am going to start giving you more recipes. Did someone say Blueberry Bread Pudding ????

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The Season is Upon Us

With Spring right around the corner and all that wonderful rain we were blessed with this Winter we are just imagining all the wonderful, delicious fresh local fruit we will be blessed with right here in Ventura County.  As start to warm up and get ready for the sunshine our pots are simmering with all the wonderful flavors you have come to enjoy. At Canarella we adore the little break in the ripe season to embrace our friends, family and community.

Each year we are so honored to be a part of the Forever Found Family of Simi Valley. We partner with them to help local children that have been involved in human trafficking. Please support us while supporting a local Not for Profit Company helping keep our children off the streets while helping those that were involved have a safe way out and a peaceful way to re adjust in our community.

Spring Boutiques are a great way to get some gift giving done while stocking up on some of our delicious jams for your kitchen shelves.

We have a new item for you to enjoy our cute little gift
boxes. You choose 2 of your favor gourmet jams and we will gift it up for you. You can buy at our Local Boutiques , Farmers Market or order on line at our store.


Rounding Out 2018 and Hello 2019

Well goodbye 2018 and Hello New Year 2019. Staring a new business is not an easy task yet it does give you so many way to discover what you want and what others expect.

We here at Canarella have put our Copper Kettles aside these last few weeks and taken a well deserved break. Hanukkah and Christmas were quite a wonderful time in our home as well as our neighborhood.

The end of the season brings so many Boutiques our way and we are so very grateful that we have this wonderful County. Thank you everyone for all your support this last year as we took this little business to the next level. Meeting you all is a wonderful blessing.

All our Events are posted on our Facebook Page at Canarella.

The New Year of 2019 bring our newest addition some pretty cute little gift boxes. We offer two of our seasonal jams wrapped up in a recycled box ready for any occasion in 2019.
We here at Canarella know the little box is not a fancy box but we do everything on our power to stay as close to nature as possible thus the recycled boxes with recycled craft paper works for us and it keep the cost down for you!

We are hard at work to get the latest product on the shelf for you in Spring of 2019. Did someone say Mustard?

Bless you all and Happy New Year !