Simi Valley Farmers Market

We arrived at our our first Farmers Market and we were greeted with open arms. The team helped us get settled.

Each week I will try to feature a little about each one. It is a bit of a job to try to leave the booth to go grab information on each other but all for a great reason.

 "Support your Community"

Canarella added to the wealth of opportunities in Simi Valley to gather and share what we all have here locally. It was nice to see old and new Jam-tastic friends.

I do believe the best part of my Farmers Market is to see the look on customer's face when they taste the jam.

The "Oh no not so much" and with my response of can not help it our jams are thick and full of fresh fruit. Now can we help it if the fruit is ripe chunky monkey delicious? Well heck no!

The other vendor's are full of ripe and beautiful good for our tables also. There are ripe beautiful stone fruit and berries. Vegetables a bound. An those beautiful very well priced flower's. I can smell them as I sit and type right now. My home is full of those fresh cut beauties!

Please join us every Friday and see what a wonderful little Farmer's Market and Community we live in. Summer is here and with it comes the bounty of Ventura County!

Thank you for joining us 
spreading the sweet joy of shopping local. 

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