Holiday Time for a Red White and Blueberry Sale

Well it is time for our grand 4th of July celebration here in Simi Valley. There always seems to be something to celebrate here but the 4th of July is a given. We have our Annual 4th of July extravaganza each year.

But before you hit the park come by the Farmers Market tomorrow and check out some great jam for your Celebration. We are having a Red White and Blueberry Sale, $2.00 off any Jam made with Blueberries! 

We also have some Apricot Jam joining the table top! 
Come by and say hello and enjoy Fresh Local Small Batch Jam !

Simi Valley Farmers' Market 
Every Friday at 11am until 3:30pm
2757 Tapo Canyon in the Regal Plaza 

Canarella Jam


This year our Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting and a big Simi Welcome to them for picking up this Historical Event.

They start the celebration at 3pm and it is free! Yes the key and wonderful world of FREE!!

Live local people! 

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