Holiday Time for a Red White and Blueberry Sale

Well it is time for our grand 4th of July celebration here in Simi Valley. There always seems to be something to celebrate here but the 4th of July is a given. We have our Annual 4th of July extravaganza each year.

But before you hit the park come by the Farmers Market tomorrow and check out some great jam for your Celebration. We are having a Red White and Blueberry Sale, $2.00 off any Jam made with Blueberries! 

We also have some Apricot Jam joining the table top! 
Come by and say hello and enjoy Fresh Local Small Batch Jam !

Simi Valley Farmers' Market 
Every Friday at 11am until 3:30pm
2757 Tapo Canyon in the Regal Plaza 

Canarella Jam


This year our Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting and a big Simi Welcome to them for picking up this Historical Event.

They start the celebration at 3pm and it is free! Yes the key and wonderful world of FREE!!

Live local people! 


Simi Valley Farmers Market

We arrived at our our first Farmers Market and we were greeted with open arms. The team helped us get settled.

Each week I will try to feature a little about each one. It is a bit of a job to try to leave the booth to go grab information on each other but all for a great reason.

 "Support your Community"

Canarella added to the wealth of opportunities in Simi Valley to gather and share what we all have here locally. It was nice to see old and new Jam-tastic friends.

I do believe the best part of my Farmers Market is to see the look on customer's face when they taste the jam.

The "Oh no not so much" and with my response of can not help it our jams are thick and full of fresh fruit. Now can we help it if the fruit is ripe chunky monkey delicious? Well heck no!

The other vendor's are full of ripe and beautiful good for our tables also. There are ripe beautiful stone fruit and berries. Vegetables a bound. An those beautiful very well priced flower's. I can smell them as I sit and type right now. My home is full of those fresh cut beauties!

Please join us every Friday and see what a wonderful little Farmer's Market and Community we live in. Summer is here and with it comes the bounty of Ventura County!

Thank you for joining us 
spreading the sweet joy of shopping local. 

Visit our shop to order Canarella Jams



Farmer's Market

Well the first Farmers Market did not turn out as planned we did not get our ok to attend and thought we needed that to go but all worked out just fine. It happened to be Graduation weekend here in Simi Valley and so the Farmer's Market was slow and we will be there next Friday at 10am sharp. While we await the week we are on the hunt for new and exciting thing's to incorporate into our new little business.

Up to Oakland we go I adore this city. Well yes my little Bean Harper Lily is up there oh ok and my Baby Girl Heather Ann and the hubby Christopher Robin. The one great thing about Oaktown is the people and the food. This little city seem to have a natural knack of having the best stuff. By stuff I mean food and people. The food is delicious any place these kids take me. And trust me most of the places are al' la natural food and it is good stuff. The generation that in the last 10 + years have taken this city to new heights.  It is not your Mama's Oakland.

I love to cruise the Farmer's Markets up here for new ideas to take home to Simi Valley and no we are not the most organic city but I hope to get us a little closer after all it is the new way to eat. I will save this post to be able to put some pictures up. One of my first stops when I visit is timeless Coffee Roasters. The coffee is heaven in a cup. Coffee in hand and daughter at my side we walk down Piedmont Avenue to see if there is any new stuff. And lucky me there are new statues. They have been putting these elephants around town.

Well Yaya is babysitting while I am up here and I am going to go and relax with a cup a tea and a good book! Good Night all and stay well and safe. Until tomorrow or the next day depending on waht trouble I get into! xoxo


Welcome to our Blog

Good Morning and welcome to "Once Upon a Jam" Pa and myself have decided to start this blog to take you along on this new business adventure that we have begun.

In 2010 I started to dabble in preserving food. Many a hit and miss have gone by. Through the years we have made over 100 different jam's, butters and preserves and that one little jelly pomegranate. That said for the last two years I have pondered opening a small local business.

Do I want to start a business at the grand ole' age of +60. Hummm that Humm lasted yet another year.
In January of 2018 we decided to take the challenge of opening our little store and with that Canarella
was born. A few things that we wanted to make sure we did was give our local community here in Simi Valley a go to store for all their Jam desires while we supported our local farmer's, as well as California grown fruits and berries. There are times when we must buy our fruit out of California we have gone as far as Washington for their fresh cherries and stone fruit when available. We have tapped into Arizona for their fresh figs. Fresh and chemical free is our priority for you as a consumer.

Here in Ventura County we have many small surrounding communities that we also hope to spread the jam. (that was so corny)

Along with giving everyone some delicious spreads we wanted to help and give back to our community. We took our time and knew that we would only be able at this time to help one local non-profit and we choose Forever Found. Forever Found exists for the prevention, rescue, and restoration of child trafficking victims. We at Canarella donate 5% of our annual revenue to Forever Found to support this cause in Simi Valley, California.

Thank you for supporting us and please always know you can email us at canarella@sbcglobal.net with questions. Now go shop for some delicious jams at our store Canarella.